CB Eli Apple

Q: What does “Giants Pride” mean for a rookie?
A: Just the first day, just seeing how everybody went about their business, you could just see it on everybody’s faces, their demeanor. They’re hungry for a championship to bring back to the Giants, and I’m definitely here for that.

Q: What is your definition of pride?
A: Pride is just something you want to have, whatever you’re doing in life, anything that you’re passionate about. You just want to make sure you’re always very serious about it and try to be the best at whatever you do. If it’s football, if it’s out there just doing chores, you want to be the best and take pride in just everything because you were put on this earth for a reason, so just make sure everything you do is top notch.

Q: Now that you’re in the NFL, what does it mean to be able to give back to the community?
A: I think giving back is everything because for me, growing up, I was always the type of person just looking up to people and looking for that role model, and I had a bunch growing up so it was just nice to see that there were guys that were willing to give back a little bit and talk to young kids and do whatever they had to do to give back to the community. So I want to be that same person.